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The psychological and social benefits of organized sports help children to learn to handle strenuous situations, and improve self-esteem and interpersonal relationships. The benefits obtained from involvement in sports remain with the child well into their adult life. It is therefore something that parents must take very seriously.

 The exercising of reflexes and continuous stretch on their ability that sports bring ensure the child grows healthily. The discipline of organized sports is often cited as one of the most effective ways of preventing obesity among children.

Organized sport teaches children that development and success is indeed possible when you apply yourself to something. It is a great way to inculcate a strong work ethic in children that they will not lose in their adult life.

 Sport also provides an important channel through which children start to be introduced to the realities of life: You win some, you lose some. It sometimes does not matter how hard you prepare; you can actually lose a match regardless of how well you prepared. This vital lesson starts to build the foundations of emotional maturity that they will need in later life. The child starts to understand that there will be times when someone else will be on the podium and the best one can do is congratulate the winner and work hard to be the one there next time. Losing is not the end of the world. The child learns how to deal with adversity. When they lose a game, they know how to control themselves because they know that they will play many other games in the future and that they might win in one of those games.

Organized sport has been the training ground of many of the world's greatest leaders of our time.

Sports Offered.

Soccer                   Grades 7 & 8  Boys and Girls

Volleyball               Grades 5,6,7 & 8 Boys and Girls

Cheerleading         Grades 3,4,5,6,7&8 Girls

Basketball              Grades 3,4,5,6,7 & 8 Boys and Girls

Track                      Grades 3,4,5,6,7, &8 Boys and Girls

Softball                   Grades 6,7,& 8 Girls